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Ringo Awards Rules

Only creators and new works from the preceding calendar year are eligible for nomination.

There are four types of awards:

OPEN+JURY NOMINATED AWARDS: Two nominees will be selected by an open, online nomination process. The remaining three nominees will be selected by a jury of comics industry professionals. A tie among the jury’s choices may result in more than five nominees in a category. Nominees will be listed in the ballot alphabetically with no distinction made between open- and jury-selected nominees. Nomination voting opens March 15, 2018 and will close May 30, 2018. Nominees are targeted to be announced June 25, 2018. The comics creative community will vote online from June 25, 2018 to August 31, 2018 to select the winning recipient in each of these categories. These categories include:

  • Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)
  • Best Writer
  • Best Artist or Penciller
  • Best Inker
  • Best Letterer
  • Best Colorist
  • Best Cover Artist
  • Best Series
  • Best Single Issue or Story
  • Best Original Graphic Novel
  • Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel
  • Best Anthology
  • Best Humor Comic
  • Best Comic Strip or Panel
  • Best Webcomic
  • Best Non-fiction Comic Work
  • Best Presentation in Design

OPEN NOMINATED AND VOTED AWARDS: All the nominees and the winner of these categories will be selected by open voting. Nomination voting opens March 15, 2018 and will close May 30, 2018. The five top Fan-Only Favorites will be announced at the Award Ceremony in September at the Baltimore Comic-Con. These categories include:

  • Favorite Hero
  • Favorite Villain
  • Favorite New Series
  • Favorite New Talent
  • Favorite Publisher

THE MIKE WIERINGO SPIRIT AWARD: The nominated works will be voted on by the professional jury as well as three additional, perennial jurors: Matt Wieringo, Todd Dezago, and Mark Waid. The top vote getters including the winner will be announced at the Award Ceremony in September at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

THE HERO INITIATIVE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AND DICK GIORDANO HUMANITARIAN AWARDS: These award are selected by Hero Initiative and will be announced at the Ringo Awards Ceremony on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

A select jury of five professionals representing a cross-section of the comics industry vote for seven choices in each category (they must vote for seven). The jury is asked to rank their choices in order of preference.

  • The first choice gets 7 points
  • The second choice gets 6 points
  • The third choice gets 5 points
  • The fourth choice gets 4 points
  • The fifth choice gets 3 points
  • The sixth choice gets 2 points
  • The seventh choice gets 1 point

The selections with the most points in each category become nominees. Individual juror votes are not shared with the general public.

Eligibility for creators and new creative works is determined by publication in the preceding calendar year – print publication date takes precedence over electronic publication date (Diamond Direct Market street date is used. The Diamond Comic Distributors lists for 2017 are available here: comics list and trade paperback list. These are XLS files). For electronic works, the date of publication is time-stamped with most publications and at least 3 episodes/installments of continuing works must have appeared during the eligibility period.

We define “conflict of interest” as having a professional relationship with a proposed nominee DURING the eligibility period such that it WILL BIAS the voting. If there is a conflict of interest with a professional juror, the highest rank they can give that selection is fourth place (four points). The conflict of interest rule relies on the honor system and the professionalism of the selected jurors. We recognize that the comic book industry is a small one, and top professionals will no doubt have personal and professional relationships with other working professionals and publishers. We trust the jurors to self-evaluate their biases.

If there is any evidence of unethical vote manipulation or tampering, we will seek to address the affected category or categories. Fixes can include steps as extreme as a re-vote, excluding a category, or disregarding improper votes. Fixes determined by the Ringo Awards Committee are final.

Open voting: March 15 – May 30, 2018
Professional jury deadline: May 30, 2018
Nomination ballot targeted to be announced: June 25, 2018
Creative Comics Community Voting: June 25 to August 31, 2018
Awards presented: Saturday, Sept 29, 2018