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2023 Ringo Awards

The 2023 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards were presented during a live and streaming event on the evening of Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Fan Favorites Winners

Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)

  • Kate Beaton – Winner
  • Wes Craig
  • Alexis Deacon
  • Jenny Jinya
  • Snailords
  • Stan Sakai
  • Zoe Thorogood

Best Writer

  • Ed Brubaker – Winner
  • Anthony Del Col
  • Drew Edwards
  • Scott Snyder
  • Brian K. Vaughan

Best Artist or Penciller

  • Fahmida Azim
  • Kate Flynn
  • Molly Mendoza
  • Nicola Scott
  • Evan “Doc” Shaner – Winner

Best Inker

  • Gigi Baldassini
  • Scott Hanna
  • Sandra Hope
  • Klaus Janson – Winner
  • Mark Morales

Best Letterer

  • Justin Birch
  • Jerome Gagnon
  • Todd Klein
  • Micah Myers
  • Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou – Winner (tie)
  • Stan Sakai – Winner (tie)

Best Colorist

  • Daniela Barisone
  • Jordie Bellaire – Winner
  • Chris O’Halloran
  • Jacob Phillips
  • Dave Stewart
  • Ellie Wright

Best Cover Artist

  • Wylie Beckert
  • Jason Muhr
  • Bryan Silverbax
  • Greg Smallwood – Winner
  • JH Williams III

Best Series

Best Single Issue or Story

Best Original Graphic Novel

Best Anthology

Best Humor Comic

Best Webcomic

Best Humor Webcomic

Best Non-fiction Comic Work

Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel

Best Presentation in Design

The 2023 Ringo Awards Professional Jury...

Troy-Jeffrey Allen


Consumer Marketing Manager for Diamond Comics Distributors, Editor of, and the producer/co-host of PREVIEWSworld Weekly. His published work includes MF DOOM: All Caps, Public Enemy’s Apocalypse ’91, Bamn, Fight of the Century, the Harvey Award-nominated District Comics, and the Ringo Awards-nominated Magic Bullet.

Richard Case


Richard has been illustrating comics for more than 30 years. His run on Doom Patrol with writer Grant Morrison inspired much of the recent TV series seen on HBO Max. He has also illustrated a number of books, including Sandman, Preacher, Shade the Changing Man, Hunter: Age of Magic, Dr. Strange, Sensational Spider-Man, and Batman ’66. He is currently a Lead Concept Artist for Ubisoft/Red Storm Entertainment.

Amy Chu


Amy is a comics and animation writer, currently working on the upcoming Borderlands mini-series and Carmilla: The First Vampire through the Dark Horse Berger Books imprint. Her most recent work is the Netflix anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Rick & Morty, and Archie. For DC and Marvel, she has written popular characters such as Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Deadpool, Ant-Man, and Iron Man. She is also known for her run on Red Sonja, and is the first woman to write the KISS and Green Hornet series. Amy is a member of the faculty at the Kubert School and the School of Visual Arts and a board member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Abby Denson


Abby is the author of Uniquely Japan, the Kitty Sweet Tooth book series (illustrated by Utomaru), Cool Tokyo Guide, Cool Japan Guide, Dolltopia, and Tough Love. She has scripted comics for Amazing Spider-Man Family, Powerpuff Girls Comics, Simpsons Comics, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats, Disney Adventures, and many others. Her work has garnered the International Manga Award, Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, and the IPPY Award.

John Petrie


John grew up in Boston and currently lives in New York City. He’s worked in the book world for almost thirty years. In addition to working and managing retail bookshops, he spent years working at Forbidden Planet NYC as a comic book retailer. He currently works at Valiant Entertainment as a Sales Manager. He also writes a monthly column at CBR about LGBTQ+ comics called Queer Comics from a Queer Perspective.

Mark Waid delivers 2023 Ringo Awards Keynote Address

The Ringo Awards Committee is proud to announce the addition of industry veteran writer Mark Waid to the 2023 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards ceremony as the Keynote Address speaker!

Mark Waid, a New York Times-bestselling author, bought his first comic book at age four and never stopped. Since entering the field as a professional in the mid-1980s, he has been an editor, a writer, a publisher, an artist, a colorist, a letterer, a publicist, a creative consultant, a chief creative officer, and even a comic shop owner, meaning he’s done literally everything you can do in comics outside of running the actual printing presses. As a writer, he’s worked with every major and almost every minor publisher, writing and editing over 2000 stories (and counting). Among them are his collaboration with artist Alex Ross, Kingdom Come, one of the all-time highest-selling American graphic novels, as well as long, critically acclaimed runs on Flash, Daredevil, Archie, Fantastic Four, and many, many other titles. Currently, he’s enjoying a new groundswell of success at DC Comics with World’s Finest, Teen Titans, and Shazam! while, in his “spare time,” embarking on a full-scale teaching career, presenting comics writing classes at select conventions and venues.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be given the chance to show your love and respect for one of your dearest friends, and I thank Baltimore Comic-Con for the opportunity,” said Mark Waid. “The luck I was granted in being able to work alongside Mike Wieringo for so many years was heaven-sent, and it’s unlikely I’d be where I am today without the benefit of his partnership. Like so many of us, I wish that Mike–humble to a fault–had accepted the fact that he was held in such high regard, or had recognized how many lives he’d touched. His love for comics was boundless, and it’s that love we gather to celebrate each year.”

“I think most people are aware of how close Mark Waid was with Mike Wieringo,” said Marc Nathan, Baltimore Comic-Con promoter. “They had historic runs on some of the greatest comics of their era together, and having him at the dais this year to speak to the industry, given his vast experience, is just a natural choice. We cannot wait to hear what he has to share with us.”

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